Ozzi Kleen Residential Wastewater

The Ozzi Kleen Residential Wastewater system is a domestic household sewerage treatment plan that allows you to reuse all your household wastewater for gardening purposes.

wedgetail wastewater

The Ozzi Kleen RP10 residential wastewater system acts as a digestive system using a unique aerobic sewerage process that is environmentally friendly and produces nutrient rich water for your gardens without any septic smells and is cost efficient to run!

Ozzi Kleen residential wastewater system to ensure you enjoy a trouble free residential wastewater solution for your household needs without the unpleasant smells and odours of traditional septic systems, the Ozzi Kleen RP10 sewerage plant tank is roto mounded and completely seamless.

This eliminates the risk of seepage, leaking or root intrusion and with its tank being up to 20mm thick, weight for weight the Ozzi Kleen residential wastewater system is 100 times stronger than concrete and has a 500 year half-life!

ADVANCED model now available: The Advanced Model has an added function known as ‘Nutrient Removal’. The quality of the treated water from the ‘Advanced System’ is to a higher standard, which makes it suitable for reuse in environmentally restricted applications. Ideal for: Highly Sensitive Catchment Areas, Canal Blocks, Small Size Blocks, Reducing Buffer Zones

The key benefits of the Ozzi Kleen RP10 residential wastewater treatment system:

  • Reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Completely odourless, 100% aerobic non-septic system.
  • You can use your favourite household cleaners, disinfectants & bleaches.
  • Antibiotics no problem!
  • Easy & cheap to install – almost invisible.
  • Economical
  • Transport and installation costs are low.
  • Built to last

Your Ozzi Kleen RP10 residential wastewater and sewerage system tank is not affected by the acidity of sewage. The Polyethylene materials uses in construction of these residential wastewater tanks is often used to store hazardous chemicals and all RP10 residential wastewater tanks are backed by a 15 years manufacture’s warranty.

Maintenance Requirements

The Ozzi Kleen RP10 residential wastewater treatment system is factory set to give reliable operation and requires a 3 monthly service to be performed by an Ozzi Kleen authorised sales and service agent to ensure you continue to enjoy trouble free and efficient operations as well as comply with local council requirements and warranty conditions

As all local authorities require all types of residential wastewater and sewage treatment plants to undergo regular servicing and testing, our authorised service agents send a report of your service to your local council on your behalf.

Your record of service is also updated in your maintenance log book is kept in the control box of the Ozzi Kleen RP10 to record the history of the system, both for the Owner’s and the service person’s reference, allowing any change of ownership to be seamless.

The Residential Wastewater System Size and Installation

wedgetail wastewater

The Ozzi Kleen RP10 Sewage Treatment Plant is 2.7m high x 1.95m diameter and weighs approximately 350kg – making for a quick, easy and economical installation

When installed in your garden area, the Ozzi Kleen RP10 Sewage Treatment Plant can be easily concealed by plants.

How Does the Ozzikleen Residential Wastewater RP10 Sewage System Work?

The aerobic (non-septic) process used in Ozzi Kleen Residential Wastewater Treatment System(RP10) is simple and effective…By keeping the organic matter or waste oxygenated, the bacteria found in the wastewater stays alive. These aerobic bacteria are very aggressive and digest the waste quickly and efficiently.

The Residential Wastewater Treatment is Broken Down into 4 Basic Steps…

  1. All wastewater enters the single tank where oxygen is circulated by an aerator, keeping the naturally occurring bacteria alive.
  2. This bacteria found in the wastewater actively feeds and breaks down the waste.
  3. After the aeration stage, the waste is allowed to settle.
  4. The treated water is decanted and stored in the effluent holding compartment and once full triggers a float switch, automatically prompting irrigation.

Ozzi Kleen Residential Wastewater systems: providing you with an economical and water saving solution for your residential wastewater needs!

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