Marine Wastewater

The Ozzi Kleen Marine Wastewater system is a result of over 30 years’ experience in providing environmentally friendly wastewater solutions.

wedgetail wastewater

The collection, treatment and disposal of marine wastewater that complies with the stringent government guidelines has been an ongoing and sensitive issue that has plagued many large boat owners for years…

Finding a safe and effective effective effluent system for the boating industry has been an ongoing dilemma for many who make their living at sea in both the commercial arena offering charters, recreational tourist cruises and charters to allow them to provide a memorable experience for clients with all conveniences while protecting the environment.

This is where the result of years of research and development has provided the much needed solution for the wastewater needs of commercial boating providers at sea.

Protecting the environment while providing a marine solution for wastewater has been a sensitive issue for Boat owners, Governments and Environmental Departments which has led to the development of the marine wastewater system now providing a safe level of quality of effluent that far exceeds the Grade A standard requirements.

With the Ozzi Kleen marine system for wastewater, the environment is protected while your customers and yourself enjoy the simple creature comforts that make pleasure cruises and commercial ventures at sea more attractive and popular to the general public.

The Ozzi Kleen Marine Wastewater System Design Features Include:

wedgetail wastewater
  • Polyethylene rotomoulded tank
  • Easy to handle and lightweight
  • Speed of installation
  • Easily transportable
  • Dept Health fully compliant
  • High volume emergency storage
  • Installation on or below deck
  • Cost effective to run
  • Simple connections on site

The Ozzi Kleen Marine Wastewater system is available in the following sizes to meet your needs:

wedgetail wastewater

2400L x 2000W x 1200H

1200L x 1200W x 1200H

1200L x 700W x 1200H

1200L x 400W x 1200H

wedgetail wastewater

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